KUN Immigration Services is focused on securing the right and appropriate courses in colleges and universities abroad to aspirants to achieve satisfaction and excellence in their desired field of study it ensures to provide the services by which students make their future career goals according to their aptitude and inclination in a congenial and conducive atmosphere.

It has the privilege of proudly providing the following services:

  • Help and guide students to achieve their career goals through their reliable and highly.
  • Professional services in the field of Inside & Overseas Education.
  • Internationally promote good quality educational institutions on cost effective marketing plans.

KUN Immigration Services ensure the improvement in terms of quality of services and facilities provided to its students, colleagues and partner universities all through in U.K., Ireland, Australia Malaysia and Canada.

Company Overview

KUN Immigration Services is an educational consultancy firm established to secure and offer courses of studies in various educational colleges and universities. It aims to become a major provider of professional education in the private and government sectors in Australian, European, Canadian and Ireland Universities. It although encourages brilliant and promising students to seek best of education availability at competitive rates in most developed countries of the world.

KUN Immigration Services has a strong reputation for helping students to study in foreign countries.

KUN Immigration Services has sent many students and professionals for further studies to different parts of the world to fulfill their dreams. Other than the students consultancy services we offer a vast range of services related to immigration and business consultancy.


KUN Immigration Services is a vibrant overseas education consultant working in Pakistan since April 2006 with the business philosophy to serve as a bridge between students and universities so as to help students select the best foreign institute according to their academic requirements.

Among our consultants are highly qualified and experienced personalities. The Chief Executive holds a Masters Degree (MS) Major in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and Bachelor Degree (BS) Major in Computer Science from Bishop University in Canada and a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Degree from the topmost NED University of Engineering & Technology of Karachi-Pakistan besides having done Bachelor in Science with distinction from Karachi University. He has the experience of providing counseling and immigration services for the last ten years to very many aspirants for United Kingdom and Pakistan some of whom are ably and satisfactorily undergoing studies there while some have completed their career goals in universities there and eventually got themselves migrated and settled.

KUN Immigration Services aims to advance the profession of education consultancy by establishing high standards of performance. Having live experiences in problem-solving, and practical knowledge of trends, patterns and data in the ever-changing admissions and visa process, education and career industry, we help our clients to overcome all major obstacles which are faced while undergoing education process abroad.


Mufti Junaid Ullah with Ex-President & CEO of ICCRC

Mufti Junaid Ullah with Ex-President & CEO of ICCRC